About the Danish Plastics Federation

We represent the highly innovative Danish plastics industry.

The Danish Plastics Federation is a trade association for plastics converting companies in Denmark and their suppliers. We have around 270 members and we represent around 70 percent of the turnover in the Danish plastics industry.

Denmark is the home of wide known plastic companies like LEGO and Coloplast and an extensive list of smaller, but equally as innovative companies. The majority are subcontractors with yearlong experience in serving a wide variety of customers in different markets around the globe.

In total, our industry counts around 27.000 Danish jobs and have an estimated annual turnover of around 7 billion euros.

What does the Danish Plastics Federation do?

The Danish Plastics Federation strives to spread the positive story about the enormous value of plastic products and how plastics contribute to our society in many ways. We also work to constantly improve the framework conditions of our industry in Denmark.

We assist our members in complying with regulations regarding the environment, food contact, and health and safety in the workplace. Together with relevant trade unions, we are co-responsible for the plastics relevant vocational training and education in Denmark. We run a business development activity and various network for our members.

We have a staff of 8 people in our main office in Copenhagen. We are involved in two umbrella networks in Europe: EuPC for converters and PlasticsEurope for suppliers of raw materials. Besides these networks, we are members of seven European networks for different branches of the plastics industry. In Denmark, our most important network is the Confederation of Danish Industry.