The debate about plastics should be more realistic

The Danish Plastics Federation (Plastindustrien) has launched a campaign aiming to bring more perspectives and facts to the public plastic debate. It’s titled ‘Let’s talk realistically about plastic’.


The public debate about plastic has become increasingly black and white throughout the past number of years. The Danish Plastics Federation has therefore decided to launch the image campaign ‘Realistic about Plastic’ (in Danish: ‘Realistisk om plast’).

The campaign is primarily aimed at consumers, emphasizing the many different areas in our everyday lives in which we rely on plastic solutions. Thomas Drustrup, Managing Director of the Danish Plastics Federation explains:

– Our main ambition is to spark a more balanced, fact-based conversation about plastic. Plastic is a vital material, both in our health care system, in our homes, in the building and clean energy industry just to name a few areas. With this campaign, we wish to emphasize these solutions so that they are no longer overlooked in conversations about plastic.

A negative image could harm the green transition

One of the campaigns main massages is, that plastic often contributes to the green transition – contrary to what the common notion seems to be.

– Plastic plays a significant role in the green transition – for instance in fighting food waste and enabling sustainable and energy energy-efficient solutions. Therefore, a negative image and an attempt to avoid plastic at any cost ultimately harms our climate and environment, explains Thomas Drustrup, Managing Director of the Danish Plastics Federation.

He concludes:

– With this campaign, we are communicating that we should take all factors into account – which entails use plastic when it makes sense and reuse and recycle it as much as possible.

The campaign consists of a broad variety of content – films, animations, case-videos, digital marketing, print ads, outdoor-ads, a digital dilemma game, and more.

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