Ambitious Danish Design Guide shows the way for reuse and recycling of plastic packaging

‘Network for circular plastic packaging’ under the auspices of the Danish Plastics Federation has launched a Design Guide aiming is to ensure that plastic packaging is designed for circularity and can remain a valuable resource rather than end up in the trash.


Way too much household plastic packaging is today thrown away as waste instead of being reused or recycled.

‘Network for circular plastic packaging’ (in Danish, ‘Netværk for cirkulær plastemballage’) has therefore created the Design Guide for reuse and recycling of plastic packaging for private consumers.

– Designing plastic packaging so it can be reused or recycled, will mean less plastic in our shared environment. The ambition is to close the loop on plastic packaging and view used packaging as a valuable resource, explains Christina Busk, Environmental Policy Manager at the Danish Plastics Federation, and facilitator in the creation of the Design Guide.

Designing for reuse and recycling

The Design Guide offers insights into the considerations and decisions impacting the reusability and recyclability of a product – with a great emphasis on high-quality recycled plastics. It does not present one solution but helps companies make informed decisions when selecting a business model and packaging design.

Christina Busk, Environmental Policy Manager at the Danish Plastics Federation explains:

– The Design Guide is the result of a collaboration across several fields and industries in which our common ambitions for circular plastic packaging has been the driving factor. The guide is broadly applied in Denmark, where it has existed for a few months. We now hope it will be practiced on a European level.

A broad collaboration

The guide demonstrates a unique collaboration across different fields and industries with a common ambition to ensure sustainable packaging solutions in the future.

  • ‘Network for circular plastic packaging’ consists of representatives from:
  • Arla Foods
  • Faerch A/S
  • Copenhagen Municipality
  • DTU Food
  • Berry Superfos
  • Läntmannen Schulstad A/S
  • Plus Pack A/S
  • Polyprint
  • The Danish Society for Nature Conservation
  • Circle Development
  • Sky-Light A/S

The content is supported by Coop Denmark A/S. ‘Network for circular Plastic Packaging’ conducts meetings under the auspices of The Danish Plastics Federation.

DOWNLOAD: Design Guide – Reuse and recycling of plastic packaging for private consumers