4life Solutions is looking for a skilled material or chemical engineer


4life Solutions is looking for a skilled material or chemical engineer for our mission of bringing
safe and affordable drinking water to 1 billion people before 2030.

You will be overall responsible for all polymer materials investigations, specifications and testing
needed to further develop, improve, and certify our current and future products. You will work
closely with the rest of the R&D team, and you will be responsible for students, external
contractors, contact to universities globally and other networking.

4Life solutions have development partners and access to universities and test facilities in Copenhagen, Prague, Kampala, Nairobi, New Delhi and more.

The work is very diverse and includes but is not limited to:

  • Investigate new polymer materials useful for 4life solutions current and future products.
  • Make both requirement and product specifications for 4life solutions products and
    secure correct and updated documentation towards suppliers.
  • Review and further develop the full range of tests needed to document the lifetime and
    durability of 4Life products under all relevant conditions, using a variety of optical,
    chemical, and mechanical testing and analysis techniques.
  • Identify relevant test standards to adhere to globally and locally – and make us
  • Other tasks relevant to creating product trust based on scientific results.
  • Project management of development projects.
    Your key competences are:
  • MSc or PhD in Materials Science, Materials and/or Chemical Engineering, Chemistry or
  • Experienced in working with polymer materials
  • Experienced in testing for environmental ageing, product/material durability
  • Experience in spectroscopy analysis (UV/Vis, FTIR)
  • Experience in mechanical testing, and thermomechanical analysis
  • Practical test experience – and design of tests
  • Documentation and report writing (for example in CE-Documentation)
  • Project management

You would be the ideal candidate if you:

  • Are a bit of an adventurer and who likes travelling to exciting places
  • Know a bit about quality management
  • Know how to work and maintain test equipment
  • Work to have fun

4Life solutions is a start-up company with the mission of bringing safe and affordable drinking
water to the world. We have 10 employees in Copenhagen and 15 in East Africa with base in our
own office in Nairobi. 4Life products use solar disinfection (UV-Rays) to purify water in the world
cheapest household water treatment solution.

Se more at www.4lifesolutions.com
Please contact Poul Bundgaard at +45 40413814 or pb@4lifesolutions.com for further